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We were so happy, So free,
Your company meant
Everything to me.
You remind me of my
Dreams when I look at you,
When I’m around you,
I see something that I
Never thought I would see,
I feel something that I never
Thought I would feel,
I see Hope, Love, Happiness,
I see Purpose. I feel all
All of these things when
I’m around you. I think if we
Kept our arms around each
Other, Nothing else would
Matter, Because I would
Be holding everything
I ever wanted, Ever needed.
I could gaze into your eyes
Until I grow old, I could hold
Your hand and not have a
Worry in the world. I could
Do all of that, Until the very
End of our days, But I Felt
Like you didn’t want the same,
And that’s when my heart
Sank lower than I could feel.
That’s when the pain grew
So deep, I didn’t even know
How much pain I was in.
I now know that people can
Express Love differently,
And that’s okay, Because
I have to remember that
Love can Heal as much as
It can Hurt. TheWordsYouHear (via thewordsyouhear)

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When someone won’t let you in, eventually you stop knocking. Ransom Riggs, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children
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can i sell my feelings on ebay i don’t want them anymore

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